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About Joy

Joy has been hearing Angels since childhood, and conveys their love comfort and visions unique to each person. 

"Hi, I'm Joy Gabriella. Since I was a child the Angels have talked to me, and I've been privileged to share their messages for several decades, the last 10 years locally as an Angel Messenger and motivational speaker.  I've now brought my Readings online, and am so delighted that the Angels have blessed me with the ability to work in this new way, embracing the internet, with calls via phone or Skype now available.


The Angel's messages come to me as voices and images, without cards).  During a Session, we speak and then I enter a short (5 to 10 minute) meditative state and ask the questions the client and I have agreed will be presented.  When the Angels' message is complete I finish the meditation and return to you, the client, to share the information, the love and guidance suggested.  


Additionally, as a Certified Professional Life Coach, I am happy to help you interpret the love and guidance sent to you by the Angels.  I've served as Spiritual Mentor/Guide for many people, and that service is also available through this site, as well as Chakra Clearing Sessions.

It is my honor and privilege to serve as a messenger from the Angelic Realms and to be able to guide spiritual seekers on their path."

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