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"I don't know how  to express my heartfelt gratitude....Joy is one of the finest people I have come across.  After  hearing my problems and issues, she gave me insight and perfect answers.  She went into a  meditation and connected with lovely Angels.  She got my answers.  I could feel the connnection.  She is the best Intuitive Angel Reader and she made me stress free.  I am smiling.  I can't thank her enough.  Joy, you are a very special lady.  With such Divine Power she channels and heals through Angels...God Bless You...Thank you for such a Lovely Reading!  I will follow the Angels' direction, for sure."

"I am extremely grateful for Joy giving me a reading. From the moment I heard her voice to the moment she meditated and gave me answers from the angels, my 16 year old daughter and I were in tears. Joy connected with my 20 year old daughter Natalie who passed away last year suddenly and unexpectedly. Joy gave me the answers I was seeking without me giving her the questions I had in mind. I highly recommend a reading from Joy. She will change your life and hopefully give you some peace and clarity as to the answers you are seeking in your life. After the reading I was still in tears trying to take it all in and feeling overwhelmed with happiness because Joy was able to give me the answers I was seeking. Joy I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are truly a blessing."

I was blessed to have had an angel reading with Joy. I instantly felt comfortable with her and asking my questions and concerns. As she meditated and connected with my angels she conveyed their guidance and advice. Her accuracy was spot on. We all have angels and they want to help us on our path here on earth, so if there are questions you would like answered from them I strongly advise you to contact Joy !!! A very special gift to yourself !!

Client Reviews

Hear What They’re Saying

Magdalena Maggie Delgado, U.S.A.

Lopa Bhatt, India (Reading  via Skype)

Camila Fernandez, U.S.A.

"I've had a series of Readings from Joy now and I can say that her connection to the Angels, and the messages she brings, have helped me in guiding my life in the right direction. She has involved the Angels in several important decisions, and I can't recommend her enough for a real, developing relationship or a single Reading. My first Reading with Joy was exactly what I need to hear as she brought me a message from my Angels, so moving I was in tears.  I never in my life had such a beautiful Reading as I did with Joy.  She is an amazing human being with a gift that God gave her.  So if you want an accurate Intuitive Reading, you won't be disappointed."

I had the pleasure of getting a reading this morning from Joy. She is a delightful soul who takes her time to make sure you get your answers. She was able to answer my questions and give me some suggestions that the angels passed to her for me. I would tell anyone who needs some answers to schedule a reading with Joy. Thank you again Joy. 

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