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Each one of you truly loves our Angels, the energy flies up from the Page. Our Mission, here in the Group, is to Grow Closer, to actually learn to have a personal, two way relationships with your Angels.

Is that Your Mission? Is loving perhaps enough for you?To humbly, simply worship? This is an important distinction. Worship is needed, simple adoration uplifts us and gives us much peace. Worship opens the channels, we tune in to the wavelength of the Divine.

Some people feel good just looking at the images, and the question to ask yourself is - is that Enough? Or do you really want that communion, the friendship with an Angel that's closer than any you've known before? IF it's the Intuitive/Mystic connection you desire, ask yourself whether you're doing anything to help that process along. Are your prayers regular, are you beginning to monitor your dreams? Is your life as pure in God's eyes as you can make it - no lying or dishonorable actions? Are you compassionate, an Earth Angel, carrying Love in your heart. It's that self-questioning that's appropriate for Mindfulness, and also to be able to recognize your goals. Meditation is so very important - have you created any kind of discipline for yourself? Do you have an Angel altar? Take your spiritual life seriously - there's probably little in life that's more important, and refine your objectives. Everyone has the capacity to achieve real mystical communication, in Signs, dreams, or actual visions and Light. It may not be something you actually want to devote the time to, as it doesn't happen without the 'time on the mat' as the Buddhists put it. Take stock, take action if you're process isn't where you'd like it to be. IT'S NEVER TOO LATE! Love, Joy

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