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How to let your Angels open your Sixth Sense

Happy Friday! Last night's Full Moon was SO Full, Archangel Haniel asked this morning if I had learned anything in my dream time. I was able to tell her I had new awakenings, that this was a night where I began to be shown even more clearly what was beyond my senses to see - what the sixth could show me as it grows. The sixth sense is just that, an extrasensory perception (or ESP) beyond our five commonly recognized senses, The colloquial use of the term "sixth sense" refers to our ability to perceive something that isn’t apparently there, From childhood, we are taught that the human body has five senses. I’m sure we can all recite them: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. This list has remained unchanged since the time of Aristotle.

What is there and doesn't seem to be to so many? OUR ANGELS, or course. Haniel asked me to share that Each of You Can go into your sixth sense, it's there for you as much as the other five 'normal' senses are.... it just needs to be awakened if it was shut down early in life. Opening your chakras is a good step, as you're opening your body to Light, and Light is what shines our path, is shone 'On Our Path,' our path is Lit by our Angel's Light, To commune, to begin to receive guidance and comfort, begin to think of what's beyond what you're seeing Archangel Haniel suggested. Ask yourself, "what is this person Really thinking," and often you'll know, beyond the words. To live with your Angels as friends means opening that sixth sense, and you're fulsomely invited by all that's Divine to move into that Realm, that world of Spirit, and know the goodness that will flow to you. Much love, Joy

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