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Invoking Mother Mary's Blessing

Mother Mary, Queen of the Angels, is also Queen of my personal circle of Angelic advisors. To open this Blog, dear to my heart, I offer this prayer to her, asking for a blessing on all that is to come as I bring the Angel's wisdom to you.

"Dear Mother, we love you. We thank you for your promise to help us in our need, helping me and all who turn to you to grow in wisdom on our spiritual paths. We trust in your love, and ask that you bless us in our work, bringing the love, guidance and support of the Angels to all in need."

Whenever I've called on Mother Mary, I've found a sweetness and bliss that gave me strength. Follow your open heart, and if called, turn to her whenever you like - I've found she's always there! <3 ~ Joy

Image, J. Gabriella; photo of art by Jan Van Eyck

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